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About EC Publishing

Built on the concept of truly understanding an author’s calling, EC Publishing helps writers realize their dream and get their work out in the world. With a simple and streamlined self-publishing process in place, EC Publishing ensures that your publishing journey is fulfilling and easy.

EC Publishing is dedicated in providing the best support for our authors. We offer one-on-one assistance to make sure authors are guided throughout each step of the process. Being able to select from a host of services and packages, all while still owning the rights and having control of the process, authors have the flexibility and freedom to edit, design, and market their book.

Mission Vision

EC Publishing is dedicated in helping you achieve your goal of becoming a published author. EC Publishing LLC works seamlessly to help authors achieve utmost success in this literary world. We provide a straight-forward and exceptional services to get your book published, marketed and distributed to a global audience. Our marketing services will give you the best opportunity to reach the hearts and minds of both the book buying public and the decision-makers in the book business industry. Our objectives are to deliver your message clearly, connect with your target audience emotionally, motivate the buyer to buy, and to concrete loyalty.

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