Can Macron offer Biden the Restoration of Women’s Abortion Rights

Can Macron offer Biden the Restoration of Women's Abortion Rights


Author: Sung-Hee Kwon

"When will Jesus return? It is right now. If we look at the signs that Jesus gave about the last day of His return, we can see how concerned Jesus was about the prevalence of atheism and the persecution of the weak. (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21) The specific time of the Second Coming is set as 'a time when women suffer horribly because their right to abortion is violated'. Do you remember what Jesus said to the women of Jerusalem at the beginning of Chapter 1 of this book? Not only does the end times begin with 'birth pains', but it also mentioned that 'how dreadful it will be for pregnant women and nursing mothers'. Jesus also knew that there would be terrible persecution of sexual minorities. On that day, those who were on the housetop were not to go down to take anything out of the house, and those who were in the fields were not to get their cloaks. This is a declaration that they, who are not treated as members of the society and family because they are sexual minorities, are not at all lacking in the glory of the Second Coming of Christ 'as they are on the housetop' and 'as they are in the clothes they are currently wearing.' Jesus was most concerned about the devastation of humanity as a result of the death sentence on God, and all of this is the result of that. (p110 111) The book includes a scientific findings report (2021) and the letter sent to President Macron (2022)."

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