Traveling Cat: Choices

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Traveling Cat: Choices


Author: JP Rosselle

"The CIA notifies JIM that Castro has sent his most decorated Brigade of soldiers into Nicaragua to, once and for all, destroy the CIA-backed Mercenaries that are training and supplying arms to the Contras. Led by Fernando, Jim still has a small group of his Black Devils in the southeastern tip of Nicaragua. Jim orders Fernando to move his group into Costa Rica. Fernando wants to give the Cubans a fight. With Fernando's refusal to retreat, Jim requests assistance from the Colonel in the form of a few water mines that Jim, using his two C-130s and TESS, will place to block any possible retreat by the Cubans. Jim then delivers additional men and supplies to Fernando's small group. The fight is on! A CIA surveillance plane had mechanical problems and had crashed on the north side of the battle between the Contras and the Cubans. One of the CIA pilots survived and was captured by the Sandinistas and coerced into supplying information that the CIA was covertly selling arms to Iran, using that money to supply mercenaries and arms to the Contras. According to U.S. Law, supplying assistance to the Contras and selling arms to Iran we're both illegal. On top of being illegal, the CIA informer had claimed that only a small part of the funds from the sales of arms was actually reaching the Contras. A large chunk of the money was being diverted into the accounts of high-ranking officers of the U.S. Military. Jim is subpoenaed and gives testimony before a sub-committee on the Iran-Contra affair. While Jim is testing the waters on how his group can fight the drug traffic being air shipped into Panama from Columbia's Pablo Escobar. Jim is approached by Montibelli to do away with Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons factory and stockpiles. Jim is swayed by the photos of Iran's women and children grossly killed by Hussein's chemical use."

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