Land of Nebra

Land of Nebra


Author: Cheecowah Jack

You have never heard of Lemuria? It is also called Mu. It is the legend of the Hawaiian great island where there once was beauty, peace and great cities. In the greatest city, there was a park with a blue crystal planted deep into the ground. It reached high into the sky. Then I saw some children, a pair of twins. The story is set 3500 years ago, before the time of any religions that are around today. Their names were Kaylah and Kalub, they were 6 years old. They told me the great volcano in the center of Lemuria was going to erupt and the island would sink. They would escape into the Mayan Land to meet Magoose and his wife Norah and experience many great adventures. The book has many happy, silly parts, bust out loud laughing parts, fun lessons, magical creatures, and a great battle scene, with no blood or gore, something all of my test readers love. Grab a copy that will surely bring you a story that is filled with lessons and fun.

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