Stronger With You

Stronger With You


Author: Carol Ann Iaciofano

Trick Sullivan was looking for someone to save him only he didn't know it. He had everything but it wasn't enough. He found himself in trouble and was saved by a guy who promised to change his life. David Bell. David Bell has a daughter who has the ability to change everyone she encounters into a better person. David knew that Jessica, his daughter would bring out the best in Trick Sullivan. Trick didn't know when he saw a beautiful girl in a wheelchair on the track at school that she was the one who would complete him. She caught his attention when she laughed with her friends and threw her head back. She flipped her hair and flipped her him off. What? Was that intended for him? One day he will find her and find out... Jessica Bell saw him from across the field. She watched him slip and she closed her eyes so not see him slip. When she opened her eyes her friend was pinching her arm. Her friend had made a comment about the sexy pants that were training on the course her dad often used. Jessica threw her head back and laughed. When she regained herself- he was watching her. Their eyes locked. Her heart beat fast in her chest. The sky opened up and it started pouring. Jessica ran to get in the building. The guy took control of her wheelchair and ran with her to a door that had a covering overhead. He pushed her wheelchair against the door and stood in front of her trying to shelter her from the rain. When he kissed her, she knew she was forever his... An event led to a child. One that he doesn't know exists. A child that was created with a love that the universe seemed to not want them to share. He was made from love. They lived their lives without each other, but never forgot about the other. Trick worked for her dad and was assigned a job to protect a young working woman. He was told where to go and that was it. He looked out in the room and saw Jessica right away. She noticed him and looked nervous. He wondered why. He looked away and when he looked back, she was gone. He found her again but she was running - in her own way- away from him. Rain! What's with this girl and rain? The sound of someone crying makes him run across the parking lot. He sees her and goes to her. He knows in his heart that he will never leave her again. The second that Jessica hears his voice and feels his touch on her cold wet skin she knows that she is safe. She knows that she is his. She knows that she is complete. She will marry the love of her life. They would have to overcome the obstacles together. Not just to the two of them, but a whole team of people that bond tightly together and become a family. Love takes a village. Jessica Bell-Sullivan gathers the ones she wants in her village.

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