Suicidal State

Suicidal State


Author: Sammy Jo Dancey

Deserted by her biological mother and left in the hands of her sex addict father, Sammy finds herself in a world of money, bitterness and gold diggers. She endures a traumatic family life starting with her biological mother leaving her in the hands of her father, who is a psychological bully. She is subjected to her father's 5 marriages and one common law wife and the dysfunction that accompanies them. Sammy's brother, his best friend, and two of her stepmothers commit suicide by the time she is in her early twenties. Suffering from depression and post- traumatic stress, she leaves the country for a vacation in Florida. She is assaulted, robbed and left for dead; her father refuses to assist her. She battles for her sanity and has to take her father, who is her employer to tribunal. Their relationship and her emotional journey are harrowing. This book is the story of a toxic relationship that sees Sammy driven to contemplate suicide and homicide. A must read for anyone trying to understand or survive an abusive parent.

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