Sundown on the Savannah River

Sundown on the Savannah River


Author: Jeff Crawford

It had taken a little while after graduation for him to find his way, and then a while after landing a job to find where his interests and talents lay, but eventually Jackson Moffett settled into his niche and began the upward climb. Work was his passion and his focus until he met her. Together they were the poster kids for ideal marriages. Filling in the blank spots and gaps for each other. She looking out for him, and he cherishing and adoring her. Together they rode out each storm that life threw at them, and appeared to emerge stronger on the other side. Each and every year this unbreakable bond they had created was celebrated and renewed in the same place, reaffirmed mere steps from the Savannah River. However as his appreciation for her grew, a secret from her past returned from the shadows where she had hidden it, and it returned in a most unexpected way. The almost fairytale union they had formed began to dissolve, and only she knew the reason why. Her inability or her unwillingness to discuss all that was happening with him, left him with no choice but to try and find within himself just how he had failed the one he cared for so much. Failing her was inexcusable and unacceptable, especially after all she had done for him and all she had come to mean to him. Only when he had allowed the nightmare that their marriage had become, had done so much damage that the end of everything was clearly visible did he finally hear the truth. The truth he had sought for so long. Now at the end of all things decisions had to be made, difficult life saving or life ending decisions. For years now, in fact for as long as he could remember, all Jackson had wanted to do was wake up every morning and show his wife how important she was to him. Show her better than he had the day before. Now he had to decide if he even wanted to wake up at all tomorrow.

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