The Kingdom’s Treasures

The Kingdom's Treasures


Author: JP Rosselle

This book starts with the reading of Montibelli's will. During the Shah's rein of Iran (1941-1979), Montilelli had been the Shah's Top General. Everything in the will is left to Jim. In the will, there is where to find a map of the Shah's Treasures that we're lost at sea while on a barge being tugged to Nassau. The barge had been attacked by the PLO's Yasser Arafat. Jim was interested in the map, however within the list of Montibelli's stocks, Jim noticed a familiar stock's name that he had seen once before. The stock "Summa Technologiae" (sum of technology) was also a stock that Pearl had come to Jim with. Before the start of the Gulf War, the Israeli's approach Jim to use his C-130s equipped with TESS to protect the Kuwait border from a Hussein attack. Jim denies the Israeli request but after Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, Jim gets an unexpected visit by the Saudi's Royal Prince. The Saudi Prince brings Jim a gift that Jim recognizes as part of Pearl's heritage. Jim agrees to send TESS to assist in protecting the Saudi Arabia border from a Hussein air attack. After the war, the Saudi's invite Jim to share in their find of a once lost city of gold. Gold is not the only thing found at the site.

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