The Man in the Cracked Mirror

The Man in the Cracked Mirror


Author: Lamont Bershawn

Can you stand to see what's really behind the mask? "Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" Many of you have become a "victim" of deception without even knowing it. When you met an individual, you were intrigued more with the appearance they created instead of the one the Creator formed. Why? It's because they never allowed you to see what exactly was beyond the "veil." There's some of you that are with an individual that: (1) have NOT seen themselves or their true identity in more than ten years. (2) looks at themselves as being despicable. (3) is psychologically damaged to the point they see no good in anything or anyone. (4) have been hurt by a parent to the point they'd rather transform their physical appearance. They don't want to see a resembling image of the parent they're despising within themselves. (5) have lived most of their lives in foster homes, group homes and have negative feelings towards that person that "abandoned" them. (6) would rather look like an "entertainer" than themselves. (7) is a twin that feels the need to steal the life of their sibling because their life is in shambles, their mirror is distorted or their mirror have become cracked. Whatever the case may be, there's something deeper going on when a person refuses to accept the reality for a created fantasy or mirage. I've met plenty of people in my travels. Whether it was (1) the woman that had so much makeup on that you couldn't tell whether or not they were a male or female or (2) the man that felt more comfortable wearing the stilettos, the makeup or the women's apparel. When dealing with an individual on a deeper level you have to take note and realize there's going to be a grey area or sensitive area that you may not be able to accept. This area is a part of EVERYONE'S life due to a previous experience{s}. This is the area of your life where religion has no cure, "God" can't penetrate, no "devil" can gain access or your family/ relatives or friends can't make you overlook. The ONLY person that has the POWER in this area is YOU!!! I ask, "How can you expect someone else to deal with, tolerate or accept YOU, if YOU refuse to accept the person the CREATOR has formed?" My regards to those who have had traumatic experiences {burn, torture or medical experiences} this is NOT for you. POINT: The "picture" that you're creating is what you're presenting/ painting for others to accept and see. When a person accepts or purchases the projection of an image, they may very well go home and hang it up with pride as a valuable piece created by Picasso. As they tune in daily to the canvas, they'll begin to see flawed areas noticing their painting is diminishing in its own value. It's much easier to step away from the mirror in order to see what everyone really sees. You might not even recognize that the mirror you're looking through is cracked!! - Lamont Bershawn.

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