Time Out A Second Look at Nature

Time Out A Second Look at Nature


Author: Cal Mbano

Why do bad things happen to us in a world made by a perfect Creator? Why are so many people lost to domestic violence, shootings, and drug addictions? Why have human interactions become rife with lies and selfishness, and why are we continuing to poison our planet? In other words, how did these evils enter our otherwise beautiful Earth? In his newest book, Time Out: A Second Look at Nature, scientist and educator Cal Mbano tackles these difficult questions and identifies the causes of evil on our planet, some of which grow within our own homes and places of worship. The products of these homes and institutions staff our offices, hospitals, schools and colleges, our legal systems and our governments, transportation, and security systems. To reverse the current evils of the earth - to realize the paradise our world was created to be, we must return to nature and understand who created us, for what purpose, and our true duties on earth. This book serves as a guide to re-experience the natural world around us in a way that will help you see the paradise on earth that is within our reach. Perfect for fans of When Bad Things Happen to Good People and The Universal Christ, Time Out will be sure to open your mind to new truths and help you understand the true nature of the world around you. Gain a greater consciousness, curiosity, and appreciation for what nature can teach us about life. Click “Buy Now” today!

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