With One Kiss

With One Kiss


Author: Carol Ann Iaciofano

Crystal Bella Steele always dreamed of meeting Cody Parker. She loved him the second that she saw him wiggle his butt, raise his bat, and cracked that ball out of the park. GRAND SLAM HOME RUN! Over the years they would have brief encounters, and then as fate would have it, their lives would come together on a flight. She saw him and recognized him as he walked down the isle of the plane, a passenger says something crappy about Cody Parker and Crystal says something that only he hears. Crystal had dreamed over the years that she would get kissed by Cody Parker, just as many fans of his dreamed of him. He looked at her, and she felt her heart flutter. Cody Parker was standing with his cousin's soon to be husband in a resort lobby and watched Crystal Steele cross his path yet again, this time, he was not going to let her get away without at least kissing her. He felt honored that someone recognized him as more than just Lover Boy and a baseball player. She made his heart flutter when she smiled at him on the plane and defended him like no one had ever done before. Tyler, the soon to be husband, dares Cody to kiss any pretty woman he sees to prove that he still lives up to his nickname - Lover Boy. He watches Crystal and without even a second thought in his head, he takes her in his arms, puts his hands behind her head and kisses her with all the passion he possesses. With One Kiss, he knows that his life will never be the same. With One Kiss ... Their lives change forever!

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